Subject: mw-1.0a-941229-diffs, Retina cursor problem (again)
To: None <amiga-dev@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Andreas Johansson <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 01/23/1995 02:45:51
I could have addressed this message directly to Markus Wild, but perhaps there
is someone else that might be interrested.

I have now succeeded in compiling my NetBSD-current kernel (using a newer
tar-archive) with the mw-diffs.

I like the 11 pixel kernel font and with this new kernel I noticed a problem:
The ite console is too big! And the reason is simple:
FX, XY and KERNEL_FONT are defined differently if you use 11 pixel font or not.


  /* horizontal 54kHz kHz */
  { 44000000,  25,  640, 480,   81, 85, 92, 99, 96, 961, 983, 999, 1006, 1006,
      4, RZ3StdPalette, 80,  60,  4800,   FX,     FY, KERNEL_FONT,   32,  255},
But what happends to the number of rows with a bigger font? Well, as you
probably realise the number of rows must be less with the bigger font.
Therefore something should be done with this (if it hasn't already).
Perhaps something like '60*8/FY' would work? (Trying it now).
Note: The 'XY' field will also be affected by this.

Ok MW... I wrote a message a while ago where I described my problem with
the Retina ZIII hardware cursor only being displayed at y-position & 0xff00.
You suggested that the problem could be the 64 bit wide sprite. Now I am
running with the 32-bit-wide-sprite-patch and I still have the same problem.
Yes, the sprite inversion at y=0 is gone, but that is a minor problem
compared to the other one.

As I said earlier I belive this is a hardware poking problem since I have
tried to send other values to the Retina regs in the RZ3SetHWCloc function,
but the sprite is still being displayed at y & 0xff00. What can be causing
this? Really strange that noone else is experiencing this (at least noone I
have heard of). The hwc is functioning under ados, so it can't be a faulty
card either.

Please help me!


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