Subject: Re: Problem with A4091 and -current kernel
To: Michael L. Hitch <>
From: Andreas Johansson <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 01/22/1995 23:21:13
According to Michael L. Hitch:
> On Jan 22, 12:34am, Andreas Johansson wrote:
> > I am trying to compile a -current kernel (ftp'ed sys.tar.gz from
> > a few days ago). I have applied the mw-diffs-bla-bla-bla which among other
> > things contain a patch for the Retina Z3 driver for using a 32bit sprite.
>   First question is which -current sources was the sys.tar.gz file
> created from.  Prior to yesterday (Saturday), the tarballs from sunlamp
> were quite old (from January 4, I think).  That tarball did not contain
> the Amiga changes to work with changes to the high level SCSI drivers
> (but it shouldn't have been able to compile, either).  The tarballs
> from January 21 should work though.  I'm running kernels compiled from
> the -current sources as of January 18 and January 21 on my A2000/Zeus and
> A4000/WarpEngine systems.  They use the same 53C710 driver as the A4091
> does.  I'm not certain the A4091 has been verified to work with all the
> latest changes though.

Yes, apparently the tar archive at sun-lamp was newer than the one I had.
I am recompiling now.
>   I've got a fairly recent kernel available if you could grab it and
> see it it works on the A4091.  It's on in
> /tmp/NetBSD-Amiga/netbsd-ZEUS.gz.  This contains most of Markus Wild's
> changes, including some that aren't in -current yet.  If the A4091
> works with that kernel, then you have a problem somewhere in your
> sources.

Yes, the harddrive seemed to work (your displaymode was not visible on my
monitor) with your kernel. I have ftp'ed the archive from sun-lamp today, so
it should be the right one. I guess when I get a kernel to work (apart from
my old 1.0 beta one) I should take a look att the sup utility.

> Michael

Thank you for your time!


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