Subject: Re: some diffs to 1.0-current / 1.0 (probably as well)
To: Niklas Hallqvist <>
From: None <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 01/04/1995 14:19:41
> Perhaps your root is on sd0 or generic?  Then you wouldn't notice, I
> think.  My root is on sd1a and swap on sd1b and sd2b.

Hm, nah, I'm using -b to specify my root, and in fact, it's on sd2h (that's
the reason why I introduced the possibility to specify a partition other
than the a-partition to be your root partition:-)

> I see, maybe we can check what the IPL was before the INT6 in order to
> protect us from this.  Things get hairy then, if we are not to lose
> interrupts.  We need to schedule a delayed INT6 interrupt which could be
> issued by an si_callback.  Like this: custom.intreq = INTF_SETCLR | INTF_EXTER;
> This way the scheme comes to look like:

I'll look into your scheme in more detail tonight, but right now I think, this
is WAYS too much overhead at ipl6... Couldn't your dispatcher live at ipl4,
and do all the nice things with priority queues etc. at that level? It would
still require protection for stuff like malloc, but at least if wouldn't run
at an ipl that the rest of the system isn't even aware of exists...

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