Subject: Re: WTF?! New SCSI in current sup broke all Amiga drivers?
To: Rob Healey <>
From: Darren Reed <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 12/31/1994 21:29:21
> 	With the new high level SCSI code in the kernel it appears alot of the
> 	defines and routines changed such that Amiga low level drivers
> 	can no longer speak to the higher level SCSI routines. This is with
> 	the Dec. 30 sup of current.
> 	Has anybody been able to compile and get the low level Amiga SCSI
> 	drivers to work with the new high level -current SCSI interface code?
> 	I changed the define's in sbic.c and dropped out some now gone
> 	fields in structures in ahsc.c so they compile fine but when you
> 	try to boot the kernel it can't find a suitable root and it doesn't
> 	appear to even be trying to use the SCSI driver?!

yup, I had similar problems with the ESP driver for Sun sparcs (no fixed,
I think).

> 	Michel H., do you know what's up here?
> 	Also, some of the flag #define changes in sbic.c looked dubious,
> 	The second one looks REAL dubious but it is the same hex value in
> 	the same flags field...
> 	Also, I had to drop off the sbic_adinfo vector from the ahsc_switch
> 	structure in ahsc.c because struct scsi_adapter no longer has the
> 	last two fields the ahsc driver is currently written to use. B^(.

umm, there was a note re. this posted to current-users (if you're using
-current, you should be on this mailing list) regarding this.

I'll forward it to amiga-dev since not everyone got it.