Subject: Re: Thoughts on Amiga port...
To: Stephen J. Roznowski <>
From: Christian E. Hopps <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 12/31/1994 06:27:11
> First, I'd like to thank Chris for all of his hard work
> managing the Amiga port of NetBSD.
> That said....
> I'm concerned that (almost no) changes have been being made
> to the Amiga port since about August (until just recently).
> Perhaps it is time to look for another person to help
> Chris out with managing changes to the source tree. [I wish
> that I had the time and energy to contribute... :-]
> Thoughts?

I am, as you point out, the maintainer or manager of the amiga port.  
I haven't and won't have time to do much hacking on the port for the
next month or so.  However that said my job is only part hacker.  My highest
resposibility is to keep the amiga port running and keep crap out of the
tree (to put it bluntly).

I think that a problem here is that my perceived responisbilities are being
based on my past performace.  This past performance was obtained by not
holding a job and working mostly all the time on NetBSD (and some school).

I am fully capable of maintaining the sources on my own.  The best thing
people can do to help is work on parts of the system they would like to see
improved.  Michael Hitch is one grand person that comes to mind.  He has
done extensive work on the port.  His work is easily incorporated (i.e.
its of good quality and coded with NetBSD standards in mind).  The latest
set of changes I put in the tree came the day after I received a large diff
from Michael.

I will (and always have) incorporate quality additions submitted to me
for NetBSD.  I have been looking forward to some of the expirmental stuff
getting locked down and subitted to me actually.  I read in the fastlane
readme that it will be coming my way in about a month.  Good.

Anyway I think you get the point.