Subject: some diffs to 1.0-current / 1.0 (probably as well)
To: None <amiga-dev@NetBSD.ORG>
From: None <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 12/30/1994 01:39:07
Ok, I'm fiddling around with current now:-)

I uploaded a first set of diffs called
they're relative to -current as of december 21, but I guess they should be
useful for 1.0 developers as well. You'll probably not want to apply all 
the diffs, depending on your religion towards certain philosophies:-))

Here's a description of what's in there:
- lower generic maximum PSL to spl4(), thus allowing the fast_ser interrupt
  to get incoming characters without hardly ever being blocked out. I now
  run a steady 57.6k PPP connection without any errors (no more 
  => this change affects drivers running off spl6, they'll run at spl4 now!
  => I've stolen AUD3 interrupts for this purpose, expect troubles if you're
     using AUD3 interrupts for the intended purpose...
- generalized use of INTF_SOFTINT. Now replaced T_SSIR code.
- par.c uses more intelligent interrupt code (in fact this is just a re-port
  from my own kernel..)
- REALLY support BSDD .. BSDH partitions again. That's a religious patch:-))
- configure the tunnel driver. I need this for my user-mode ppp.
- add support to run root off any partition, just specify sd2h and it will use
  the h-partition as root, not the a-partition. This probably broke the
  'sd2*' syntax, anyone care to comment what this actually did?:-)
- update the 1.0 RetinaZ3 driver to support setting of different gfx-videomodes
  (the -mode parameter in Xamiga24), as well as supporting 24bit displays.
  Xamiga24 -mode 21 should give you a "legal" 800x600x24 display, meaning
  that it doesn't overclock the NCR chip. mode 22 is nicer, but is off limits..
- RetinaZ3 driver now uses 32x32bit sprites by default (settable as config
- clock-rate for RetinaZ3 is now binpatch-able as well as settable as a config-
  option. Default lowered to 61MHz for those poor folks with slow RAMs...
- change back keyboard-repeat to "normal" values (that's religious too, I 

Have fun:-)


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