Subject: Re: NetBSD 0.9 binary compatibility in 1.0?
To: Niklas Hallqvist <>
From: None <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 12/18/1994 00:45:17
> mw> Lemme guess: the new "improved" scsi-driver doesn't support
> mw> dumping?:-)
> Right!  But on the other hand, we ought to have a dump-analyzer before
> the dump code needs to be fixed.

Well, it's a handy way to know your machine just panic'd when you're in X
and on hitting return the scsi-led comes on bright yellow :-)

> BTW, are you still cross because of the 64-bit off_t change?

That was the most disgusting one, yup. I plan on "coming back" though
with a 32bit runtime environment for 1.x:-) Hey, I did for
Amiga SVR4, so this should be peanuts compared to that task:-)

BTW: how far have vm/buffer-cache integrations plans proceeded? *THAT* would
be some motivation to trying to get 1.x to behave the way I want, to switch...

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