Subject: Re: isa-941208.diff.gz uploaded
To: None <>
From: Niklas Hallqvist <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 12/09/1994 08:37:00
[ I've CC:d the lists because this have become a sort of FAQ  on the
  ISA project.  -- Niklas ]

>>>>> "Chris" == ccobb  <> writes:

Chris> Are there plans to support the C= BridgeBoard?

No, no plans.

Chris>  Is there
Chris> anything inherent in the BridgeBoard architecture which would
Chris> prevent this?


Chris>  I have a BridgeBoard but have zero technical
Chris> docs.

That's the main problem as far as I'm concerned, tech docs.

Chris>  Are docs still available anywhere?

Still?  You mean they were?  I started this idea with the A2088 in
mind, but didn't find any docs.  Not that I looked *too* hard, I got a
nice offer for a used GG2 quite soon afterwards.

Chris> Is the architecture
Chris> of the GoldenGate* sufficiently similar to that of the
Chris> BridgeBoard such that they could use the same code base?

Yes, and no.  Yes, the framework should completely hide the details of
the bridge as far as the drivers are concerned.  No, you can hardly
use any of the GoldenGate-specific code for the  A2088, A2286 or
whatever.  The GG2 is mainly a passive card mapping the ISA space into
the Zorro-2 space.  Ordinary bridgecards are intelligent just mapping
some sort of shared memory available to both processors.  Thus you
need to write some sort of proxy software to run on the Intel CPU
talking some yet unspecified protocol with the Motorola CPU, and  upon
request carry out certain I/O operations.  Without docs, this will be
very cumbersome.  When, if ever, docs are available maybe someone will
want to try this out.  I won't, because I don't have the spare time.