Subject: questions...
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 12/03/1994 19:32:25
I compiled and put in place the 1.0a kernel

(assuming here)
Because of the changes, 'w' and 'ps' and a few other programs were
not happy.

Well, I figured that they just needed to be recompiled.

I figured I'd go ahead and recompile the libraries as well.

When got done, anything I tried to run that was dynamically
linked would complain about '_semsys' being undefined.

What is this semsys?  I found the .c files that called it, and simply
changed the 'return (semsys(blah blah));' with just a return(0)
and all is almost alright.

Recompiled 'w' for it to never list anything other than '-' as the
process, but 'ps' is just fine.

Any tips and pointers appreciated. :)


I have supped as of Dec 2.
A3000 / 8 fast / 2 drives .. nothing added.


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