Subject: bounce buffer
To: None <>
From: Tim Newsham <newsham@uhunix.uhcc.Hawaii.Edu>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 10/22/1994 20:51:17
It turns out the kernel was printing the address of the bounce buffer
incorrectly.  Thanks to M. Hitch I have it prints it correctly now and
the address is indeed in the GVP SeriesII card's space.

The difference between running with a bounce buffer in chip memory
and a bounce buffer in 24BITDMA memory is tremendous!  I used to
lose alot of keystrokes from the keyboard and about 20% of the
incoming characters from the serial device while compiling.  I'm
currently rebuilding the kernel and I've been using the serial
the whole time and have lost only a handful of characters over
the last hour.  As far as speed goes I cant really tell if it is
running faster or not yet.

I'm not really sure why my SeriesII memory wasnt marked as 24BITDMA
before.  Maybe because I reboot with zkick into a 2.x kernel?
Anyone have any ideas?

                                Tim N.