Subject: amiga file system
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 09/27/1994 00:42:51
The amiga file system under NetBSD 1.0b seems to behave a bit strange.  I
can mount it and read files from it (as root) just fine.  But when I try to
make it accessible to other users I can't.  I make the mount point mode 777
and mount the file system and the users can read files just fine, if they
know the file name - because a "ls" gives me a "permission denied" whatever
I do.  I can only list directories if I am logged in as root.  I also tried
changing the owner of the mount point and setting the permission options
for mount_ados but nothing helps.  Another strange thing is, that when I
try to _remove_ permissions (e.g.  I make the mount point mode 700 and
owned by root) users can still read files (if they know their name) even
they should not be allowed to do it.  Is this some known misbehaviour of
the ados file system and will this be fixed in 1.0 or am I doing something
completely wrong?  Also will the 1.0 ados file system be able to _write_ to
FFS partitions, not only read?

Also another related question - is there anyone working on an update to
BFFS that will be able to write NetBSD partitions without corrupting data?

My setup:  A2000 with IVS Vector, 540 MB Quantum, 8 MB 32 bit RAM.  I have
compiled my own kernel and removed all the unnecessecary stuff from it.
Maybe that's my problem?  I'm using the first 1.0 beta NetBSD from

Thanks for any info,