Subject: Re: Hard disk recognition ?
To: None <>
From: Michael L. Hitch <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 09/26/1994 22:10:09
On Sep 26,  6:35pm, William J Coldwell wrote:
> >mgnsc0 at ztwobus0 rom 0xc3900000 man/pro 1058/17
>                         ^^^^^^^^^^-- Micheal: What's this?
  I would guess that it's an error in copying the data from the
screen.  The diagnostic output later shows a more reasonable value:

> >scripts 809de64 ds 830b828 regs ed0000 dsp 0 dcmd 0
  This is what should be displayed when the board is configured and looks
reasonable, although I'm curious what is configured at 0xe90000, 0xea0000,
0xeb0000, and 0xec0000.  My Zeus SCSI is configured first (since the
coprocessor board is configured before the Zorro II bus boards) and is
at 0xe90000.

  [Oops, I see what happened here.  The board is probably at 0xe90000,
which is what I would expect.  Instead of adding the offset 0x8000 to
the base address, the driver is adding 0x40000.  It looks like I missed
changing that offset when I used the WarpEngine file as the base for
the Magnum driver.]

> Well, looks like you're the 1st person with a Magnum to run NetBSD/Amiga.   
> When I gave Michael the code to get the Magnum up and running, I no longer  
> had one to be able to actually test the code on.  You're the guinea pig ;-).

  Didn't you get the very first driver to work?  I thought I remember you
trying it out.  I know that there wasn't anyone to test the Magnum driver
after it was rewritten for the new configuration process.

> >   Nexus disk controller with SyQuest 88 MB removable and DAT backup
> >              tape drive attached
> I thought I gave the Nexus information to Michael, but I guess I didn't.   
> This will probably make it into Release 1.1 :-(

  Nope, I never got it, so I didn't write the driver support for it.


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