Subject: Re: amiga file system
To: None <,>
From: Michael L. Hitch <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 09/26/1994 16:39:39
On Sep 27, 12:42am, wrote:
> The amiga file system under NetBSD 1.0b seems to behave a bit strange.  I
> can mount it and read files from it (as root) just fine.  But when I try to
> make it accessible to other users I can't.  I make the mount point mode 777
> and mount the file system and the users can read files just fine, if they
> know the file name - because a "ls" gives me a "permission denied" whatever
> I do.  I can only list directories if I am logged in as root.  I also tried
> changing the owner of the mount point and setting the permission options
> for mount_ados but nothing helps.  Another strange thing is, that when I

  There's a minor bug in adosfs/advnops.c that hasn't been fixed yet.  Some
one posted a message about it quite some time ago, and I mentioned it to
Chris Hoopes, but it doesn't appear to have made it into the source.

> try to _remove_ permissions (e.g.  I make the mount point mode 700 and
> owned by root) users can still read files (if they know their name) even
> they should not be allowed to do it.  Is this some known misbehaviour of
> the ados file system and will this be fixed in 1.0 or am I doing something
> completely wrong?

  The bug is an unintialized variable that is used for the protection mask,
so it's going to do strange things when the permissions are being checked.

>                   Also will the 1.0 ados file system be able to _write_ to
> FFS partitions, not only read?

  That's extremely unlikely, as it's not a bug to be fixed.

> My setup:  A2000 with IVS Vector, 540 MB Quantum, 8 MB 32 bit RAM.  I have
> compiled my own kernel and removed all the unnecessecary stuff from it.
> Maybe that's my problem?  I'm using the first 1.0 beta NetBSD from
> regensburg.

  Since you are compiling your own kernel, change line 711 in
adosfs/advnops.c from:
        error = 0;
        error = mask = 0;
and see if that helps.


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