Subject: German keymap
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 09/17/1994 14:37:45
I recently recompiled the kernel and replaced the US keymap
with the german one. I found there are a couple of mistakes in
the keymap and changed it myself.

Here are some of the things that did not work correctly:

- allmost all the alt combinations were screwed up (f.e you had
  to press alt shift 2 to get a '@' instead of simply typing alt 2)
- the numeric keypad had '(' and ')' instead of '[' and ']'
- the keycodes for the function keys were screwed up a bit,
  the '-' on the keypad did not send any code, also the help key
  sent the wrong code
- probably something else that I don't remember right now

I could upload this to, but maybe there's
already a new and improved version out there which I don't know of.
So I'm asking here...

Another thing: the code in ite_cc.c seems to depend on the keypad
sending '(' and ')', because after I changed them to '[' and ']'
the PF1 and PF2 keys didn't work anymore. I had to change the
keypad table in ite_filter(). Maybe somebody should remove this

Also another question (hope it's not a FAQ): why don't the
national characters work? I noticed the keymap IS setup to send
the national characters, but they simply don't get displayed.
Probably some "feature" of ite, right? :) I looked around in
the kernel source, but it seems like I currently don't know
enough about the kernel internals to find the cause of this.


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