Subject: isa-940914.diff.gz uploaded
To: None <>
From: Niklas Hallqvist <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 09/15/1994 00:17:38

Now's the second alpha version of the ISAbus framework uploaded
to currently in /pub/NetBSD-Amiga/incoming.
The files are called isa-940914.diff.gz & isa-940914.readme.
They *obsolete* the isa-940825* versions, thus are *not* based
on them.  If you have isa-940825 installed, remove it before
applying this version.  I guess Hubert will move the files somewhere
else, but then agin, I don't know, let's hope he says where if so.

Here's the readme:

This is the second alpha patchset for ISA bus support in NetBSD-Amiga.
You will only be interested in this if you have some sort of
bridge-card and like to do some kernel-hacking on either the
bridge support or some ISA driver.  In this set is GoldenGateII
support and a first stab at CrossLink support. Ther are a com
(serial port) driver, an AST com (4-port serial sharing 1 interrupt)
driver, a lpt (parallel port) and a general 83*90 ethernet driver,
capable of NE-[12]000, WD/SMC as well as 3COM cards.  Note:  All
drivers are alpha and may hang your machine anytime, so don't
try them if you aren't a risky nature...  The patch set is
based on NetBSD-current as of 940903.

cd to your sys dir and try

gzip -d < isa-940914.diff.gz |patch -N -p2

then look at my configuration file, FILIPPA, on how to configure.
It should be fairly obvious, I think.

There's a HOWTO_ISA in the amiga/dev directory for those of
you that want to port drivers.

Good luck!  Keep in touch...

Niklas Hallqvist,