Subject: RE: NetBSD 1.0b SCSI problem
To: NetBSD-Amiga development <>
From: Michael Kofod <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 08/31/1994 15:07:45
> 	I'm not a kernel hacker neither. Not yet anyway :) but if it's only one
> 	driver I might figure out something..
> Hope so :)

So do I, I'll try my first kernel compile today I hope..

> 	Hmm.. I thought DMA was default enabled but perhaps it wasn't.. I tried
> 	to binpatch my kernel yesterday but I got a Symbol not found, what
> 	kernel are you using? Can you uuencode and send it to me or suply me with
> 	a ftp site?
> The symbols for SCSI-DMA have changed between 744 and -current.
>  -current: _sbic_no_dma=[0,1] (0...enabled,1...disabled)
>            _use_z2_mem = [0,1] (use Zorro2 memory for bounce buffer
>                                if available, else Chip-mem)

Guess I'll have to try again then..

>  -744: don't remember (long gone... :) ).
>        Maybe something like _scsi_no_dma (it's listed in the
>        old 744 FAQ though) 

Doesn't matter anyway #744 is long gone from my Harddisk :)