Subject: RE: NetBSD 1.0b SCSI problem
From: Michael Kofod <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 08/30/1994 12:20:32
> > The default setup tries to allocate a DMA bounce buffer in Z2 memory
> > (if available) or Chip mem, but there must be something wrong
> > with the DMA routines.
> 	Hmm.. Is anybody working on fixing this?
> Michael Hitch tried but as he doesn't own an A2091 I had to test
> the changes. 
> As I'm no kernel hacker I cannot contribute much to this problem.
> But if you want to investigate you're welcome !

I'm not a kernel hacker neither. Not yet anyway :) but if it's only one
driver I might figure out something..

> 	Thanks I'll try that, just a same DMA will not work.. It worked fine in
> 	my old 0.9a #744 kernel..
> Really ? On my system HD speed wasn't faster with 744 (haven't checked
> wether DMA worked or not :) )

Hmm.. I thought DMA was default enabled but perhaps it wasn't.. I tried
to binpatch my kernel yesterday but I got a Symbol not found, what
kernel are you using? Can you uuencode and send it to me or suply me with
a ftp site?

> 	Hmm.. Maybe I should have a look at some source files.
> Yes.

I'll see if I can get them home today..