Subject: Re: Problem reports?
To: None <,>
From: Michael L. Hitch <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 08/29/1994 10:06:34
On Aug 29, 10:56am, wrote:
> Regarding the A2091 in a A4000 problems.  Is anyone out there
> using an A2091 in a A2000?  If so are you seeing problems?
> I haven't made changes to these subsystems in a while that 
> would cause any of these problems so its hard to figure
> out what the problem is.

  I have been attempting to track down this problem with Jochen Buehler
without much luck.  Not having an A2091 on my machine is a very severe
handicap in trying to troubleshoot a problem like this.

  I've verified that the GVP Series II card I do have does indeed work
with DMA using the Zorro II memory on the GVP card, so I know the A4000
is capable of doing DMA to Zorro II memory.  I've also looked through
the A2091 driver several times, and compared it with old versions of
the driver (prior to the changes).  I had found a few of
things that weren't correct, but they've been fixed now.  [One of the
errors was causing the driver to never do DMA - which meant the driver
worked fine up to that point.]  At this point, I've run out of things
to try and don't know what else to do to try and fix this.

  I also suspect that the #744 kernel may not have had the bounce buffer
DMA enabled by default for the A2091 card, so it wouldn't have shown
any problems.  I'll have to dig through the 744 sources to verify that


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