Subject: Re: NetBSD 1.0 beta in DBLPAL available
To: Paternostro Ugo <>
From: 'Most Excellent' Eric Mehlhaff <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 08/16/1994 21:41:30
Paternostro Ugo <> recently wrote:

>Hello everybody!
>Last week I got the sources of kernel 1.0 beta, and I compiled them. It
>worked at the first try, phew... :-)
>In this week I did a little modify to the kernel: I implemented (well, the
>most of it was just cut and paste...) DBLPAL, and now I'm running NetBSD
>in 720x550 pixels, gaining 120 pixels vs DBLNTSC. I would be glad to
>submiss the patches for the use of the community of NetBSD-ers. Here is the
>problem: how do I submit a change, like this ?

Did you, by any chance, do anything that using iteconfig or binpatch
(to set the ite_default_height and ite_default_width) to those dimensions 
doesn't do?

Those have worked as far back as the 720 kernel, I believe.

 Eric Mehlhaff,