Subject: here's a fun one
To: None <>
From: Tim Newsham <newsham@uhunix.uhcc.Hawaii.Edu>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 08/16/1994 14:57:13
My system doesnt seem to boot on alternate boots.  (ie. when I
'shutdown' the system and then restart from amigados or when I
cat a kernel to /dev/reload).  It always comes up with MMU faults.
I havent done a trace for when booting from amigados but I did
a trace for when booting through /dev/reload.  I did two traces
and it seems to be dieing the same way each time.  The process
states and stack backtrace are shown below.  This happens with
both fridays -current kernel and the 1.0_Beta release kernel
(with no mods).

My system is an A2000 with an old GVP 030/23mhz accelarator + scsi
and a GVP series II scsi+ram board (the second board is my
scsi bus and I swap the first two configured devices in loadbsd
before starting up bsd).  BSD is using 5 megs of 32 bit ram on
the accelerator board.

Process States:
pid uid ppid pgrp flag stat comm         whcan
 3   0   1    1   0004  1   init       
 2   0   0    0   0204  3   pagedaemon   thred_sleep
 1   0   0    1   4004  2   init     
 0   0   0    0   0204  3   swapper      scheduler

Stack Backtrace:
00020136  _panic
000a6f22  _panictrap
000a71ec  _trapmmufault
000a752c  _trap
00000522  _addrerr
000a5b08  _pmap_remove
000a5f90  _pmap_enter
0007559a  _vm_fault
00075682  _vm_fault_wire
000773c6  _vm_map_pageable
00075a7a  _vm_fork
000186e6  _fork
000183a9  _vfork
000a769c  _syscall
00000674  _trap0