Subject: Re: Automatic interactive Installation _ I am working on one but I need help.
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From: Francis Demierre <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 08/16/1994 23:17:05
   > From: "Hubert Feyrer" <>
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   > Date: Tue, 16 Aug 1994 21:12:32 +0200
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   > To: (Francis Demierre),
   > Subject: Re: Automatic interactive  Installation _ I am working on one but I need help.
   > >    I wanted then, to make the 'b' partition look as '/'. I have tried
   > different
   > >    solutions which all failed
   > >
   > >       remount /dev/sdxb on /   chokes with 'does not match mounted device'
   > >       mount_null /xxx/bin /bin, etc ...   does not work
   > How about "chroot /newroot /bin/sh"? Hou must have /newroot/bin/sh for this.
   > >     The questions I have are:
   > >
   > >     1.  Would there be any way of reusing fd0a after having removed the
   > floppy,
   > How about doing a reboot with a special kernel that seeks the root on sd*b?
   > This might be hardcoded into the kernel then, though. (Or better: binpatch some
   > kernel before copying it ro /dev/reload.

Hi Hubert, thanks for replying ...  

As shown at the end of my previous mail, I am trying to look at the kernel 
but as far as I went, it does not work, I get some trap error.
Of course, I forgot a few things like rerurning from the routine 
before the "justdoswap:" label.. But it still does not work...

   > >     2.  If yes, what should I use to make my /mfs (/dev/sdxb to look as /);
   > >         mount_null seemed a good idea ?
   > Forget it. As long as nothings starts paging during the installation,
   > everything will be happy.

Well, that is not the problem, If I run some commands, these commands try to 
run other things with hard coded paths to /usr/bin and /bin. That is why I want
my mounted file system to look as root.

   > > Any help very much appreciated, please send Email directtly to me, I cant
   > > read the list due to work load, especially with ALL the duplicates !
   > Bill's bootfloppy is a fine thing for the first steps, it only forgot about two
   > things: There's no support for installing from CD-ROM or tape! Have you spent
   > some thoughts on supporting multiple installation medias?

On the multiple diskette that I get onto the miniroot are ALL devices as well
as the rquired mount commands, also tar is available, so it should be possible.
What I do not know is what a CD rom distribution lookS Like ...
I assume they also have the release/xxxx.tar files on them, If not, I dont
know what to do. I thought to ask if the user want to load from CD and
then ask the pathe to the release tar files ...

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