Subject: floppy problems
To: None <>
From: Arthur Hoffmann <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 08/16/1994 13:05:46
I have an A3000 with a HD floppy as standard.
When I faormat a disk under ADOS

format drive df0: name bsd noicons ffs

I can mount it on netbsd

mount -t ados /dev/fd0a /a

but it is only readable, not writeable.

If I try to mount it 

mount -rw -t ados /dev/fd0a /a

I get the following error:

Aug 16 12:24:05 atze /netbsd: fd0: corrupted track (160) data.

then ps -aux shows the following:


root      2191  0.0  0.0   128   40 p3  D    12:24PM    0:02.35 ados /dev/fd0a /a (mount_ados)
					^--->this then causes the
floppy to be unaccessible.

I also tried to newfs the disk rather than mounting it ados

newfs -m0 -c80 -i8192 /dev/rfd0a

but this came up with corrupted track (or something) messages.

Also taring a file to the raw drive didn't work.

tar -cvpf /dev/rfd0a /netbsd

resulted in errors about parts of the disk being bad.

If I keep trying to work with the disk the system eventually freezes,
only the mouse pointer and window manager will work, but no new
processes can be started anymore. If I click on a gadged eg manual
page from xman, then the window manager dies as well.
Only a reboot Crtl-A-A helps here.

The floppy itself is good, I formatted it on the Amiga with no errors,
and to make sure I scanned it with disksalv which chouldn't find
anything wrong with it.                          

btw disklabel doesn't seem to work either.
I forgot the error message right now, but I'll try again if anyone
wants to know.


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