Subject: Boot Requestor
To: NetBSD-Developer's news-list Amiga-Dev <>
From: Eric Augustine <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 08/10/1994 17:00:28
I'm sure something simlar exists out there but, I didn't
find it and it was simple to write - it should work no
matter what your setup.  For those of you who'd like
to have a requestor that comes up to allow you to select 
either NetBSD or AmigaDOS - I wrote a small prog using
ReqTools (reqtools.library version 38.810) - I put it
out at AmiNet today (called breq.lha) it'll probably take 
about a week to show up - if you are interested - Just send
me a message and I'll send you back a uuencoded archive 
with the source and the binary (And a miserable little 
readme :) 

I have it in the Startup-Sequence right after C:SetPatch
so I don't go through everything to boot NetBSD right away.
The newer versions of NetBSD might obsolete such a thing
(I'm still using #744 with the #720 binaries).

I'm posting this initially to the developer's group so 
that if you guys have any objections to it I won't post
to the owner's group.

Thanks - 

 - Eric.