Subject: Tape drives, again...
To: NetBSD-Dev <>
From: Tobias Abt <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 08/08/1994 14:58:59
Today, I tried to access my Sankyo CP150E (QIC, 150MB) again.
I tried different minors (0,4,8,12), but I always got something like:
"... size must be between 0 and 512" (or so)

This was when using 1.0-pre-release (installed from scratch).
This tape drive worked perfectly with the old scsi drivers (Jan/Feb).

My other tape drive is a WangTek 6200HS 4mm DAT drive.
Under AmigaDOS using the BTN-tape-handler and tar, the drive transfers
about 10MB/min (read or write), under NetBSD it only gives less than
2MB/min. :-((  It reads very slow and the tape has to start and stop
very often...
I am not sure now, but I think, under the old drivers, it was as fast 
as on the Amiga side...
To check this, I will have to reinstall an old system. :-( 
(Or maybe Hubert Feyrer could check this as he has the same DAT, too? :-)

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