Subject: Re: Revenge of the Install doc
To: None <,>
From: Stephen J. Roznowski <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 08/07/1994 20:35:09
> From: William J Coldwell <>

> Installing NetBSD-Amiga (4.4BSD)
> August 7th, 1994

> Disk space:
> ~~~~~~~~~~~
> 	15M for root (/) (or more)
> 	2 * FAST RAM Megabytes for swap* (i.e., 8M system == 16M swap)
> 	45M for /usr (add 20M for sys-src, add 35M extra for X) (or more)
> 		Full source (kernel(sys-src)+binaries) is >80MB.
> 	*On a 4M system, you might want more than 8M swap, since you will be
> 	 swapping all the time.

This section is duplicated. The section about with this information has
more details.

> ~~~~~~~~~~
> Say your system has 3 SCSI devices (note: IDE drives will show up as SCSI  
> devices under NetBSD), IDs 0, 3, and 4.  These will now show up as
> sd0 (ID 0), sd1 (ID 3) and sd2 (ID 4).  The higher the ID of the device is,  
> the higher sd will increment.  Write the IDs to sd# down!  If you NetBSD  

you => your

> It should boot up and ask you which device you wish to boot off of.
> Make sure the bootfloppy disk is in the drive, and enter:

You should say how to un-DMS the bootfloppy disk....

> and press return.  This will cause the NetBSD kernel to boot off of the boot  
> floppy in DF0:.

Ummm, this is wrong. It should read "This will cause the NetBSD kernel to
use the floppy disk for the root filesystem, giving you the initial UNIX
commands that you will need to get your system up and running."

> cd /altroot			(cd to newroot)
> tar -zxvf /mnt/netbsd.gz	(extract kernel)

This is still wrong. Just gzip -d the kernel.

> As root:
> cd /
> tar -zxf {place}netbsd.gz	(extract kernel)

This is wrong also.

Looks good other than above problems...