Subject: Re: sd7-9.. end of thread.
To: None <>
From: Philippe BRAND <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 08/04/1994 19:50:51
William J Coldwell writes:

[stuff about new scsi id mapping deleted]

> Finally, let me point out that this is a really trivial complaint...

Well I guess not, at leat for my case. For sure I could compile
my own kernel but I don't think it'll be pretty nice to say to
newcomers: "just recompile it man!".

For people with fancy configurations, like me, that's quite

SCSI#0  540 Quantum -> usr.
SCSI#1  CD-Rom, which I give sometimes to my brother.
SCSI#2  330 Micropolis
SCSI#3  310 Micropolis
SCSI#4  A3070 CP150 tape drive, which I give sometimes to my brother.
SCSI#5  Apple CD-300
SCSI#6  Internal 230 Quantum -> root, swap, shared with Gigamem.

See what I mean ?

Anytime I give my CD or/and my tape, I'll have to change fstab
*before* booting NetBSD.

Philippe BRAND RAMSES BBS Co-Sysop 2:320/104.21