Subject: Re: sd7-9
To: None <>
From: Dale Rahn <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 08/03/1994 17:25:26
> I have an Insite floptical.  If I boot NetBSD without a disk in the
> floptical drive, then he kernel will not even recognize the device.

This is not right. I have a floptical mounted in my NetBSD/i386 box
(next to my NetBSD/amiga) and it always recognizes the floptical
and assigns it the next available id (1 for me).
I get a couple of errors during boot that it cannot find the size
of sd1 (the floptical) but It is still recognized and available.
I may try to take the floptical out and put it on my amiga tonight to
check this. (i am running -current about 072994 on the amiga)

> At the moment, the floptical is sd2, and my hard drives are sd5 and sd6.
> Under the new assignment scheme, I must either always boot with a floppy
> inserted, or never do.  Since I use the floptical for file transfer,
> I will always have to have a disk in there.
Are you able to write to the floptical?  I have one of the nasty
versions which reset to read-only. I have a program to change it
to read-write on the amiga, and used to have something for my NetBSD/i386
box, but recent (last three months or so) changes to the scsi subsystem
make my changes unmergeable. Thus I have not been able to write
to the floptical for some time.

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