To: None <>
From: Niklas Hallqvist <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 07/30/1994 18:54:19
I may have some code in there.  My name is Niklas Hallqvist,  It's just that I do not know if any of my code is
still left.  I have no opportunity to check it out fast either.
Anyway, what may be remnicients of work of mine is the GVP dma
interface.  As you might remember I made the reverse engineering of
their gvpscsi.device way back when AmigaMach was fashionable.  I
think Markus Wild used my code when doing NetBSD, but I'm unsure
of this fact.  I know this has since been revised so maybe nothing
of my original code is left...  Another place where there might be
code originating from me is either in machdep.c, amiga_init.c or
pmap.c, I don't remember where, but grep for Niklas, I think I'm
credited there somewhere.  Don't ask me what for, I honestly don't
remember.  Another thing I did was non-BSD partitions, but I guess
Chris has rewritten that entirely when redoing the partitioning
scheme.  I guess I won't be hurt if I'm left out of the credits
list, I just wanted to inform you the facts.

I also think Ty Tsarna has contributed some code, but you have to
ask him if I've got that right.


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