Subject: ADOSFS
To: NetBSD-Dev <>
From: Tobias Abt <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 07/25/1994 18:17:56

After a long period of leaving NetBSD alone, I updated last weekend
to the 090794 distribution. Nice piece of work!

Just one little bug that I have encountered:
if you try to mount an ADos partition which has been set to something
else but 512 bytes per block, the filesystem will not be visible.
So, the setting in the RDB for that partition (not the RDSK but the
PART) has to be looked at. I didn't have the time yet to look into
the sources but I hope this is not too hard to achieve. If I get my own
kernel compiled, I may have a look at it on my own.

One more! :-)
Why does df say that there are only two blocks on the ADos-partition?

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