Subject: Son of unexpected trap
To: None <>
From: Andrew Cherry <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 07/20/1994 15:18:20
Recently, I sent a message to amiga-dev about getting an unexpected
trap while trying to boot a recent kernel (from sources sup'ed on
Monday).  I put a call to panic() in straytrap() in order to enter the
debugger (L-Amiga Alt F10 wouldn't work), so now I can provide more
information.  Here is the trace:

unexpected trap (vector offset 2) from 8000
panic: foo
Stopped at	_Debugger + 0x6: unlk a6
db> trace
_Debugger(1fdb8,a39ab,fffffeb8,0,fffffec4) + 6
_panic(a39a6,a397a,2,80000,fffffeb8,0,fffffef4) + 34
_straytrap(80000,2) + 28
_edintr(0) + e
_intrhand(2200) + da
_setroot(ffffff6c,a2e38,0,0,aec85) + 1a
_configure(0,0,aec85,8,0) + 4c
_cpu_startup(af460,0,0,aec85,8) + 4dc
_main(ffffffb0) + 38

Hopefully there are no typos up there. :)  Anyway, it's enough to tell you
something bad is happening when it tries to mount root.

Again, my set up is A2000, GVP G-Force 040 with 12MB RAM.  The only other
card is the IOExtender.  Also, a kernel compiled from 7/13/94 sources
(possibly 7/12) boots fine.

-Andrew Cherry