Subject: Re: 80 column console
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 07/19/1994 11:15:14
> No the 80 col. display required overscan which I will not enable fby default.
> A hack could be done, but I'd rather just let the user iteconfig themseleves

Hm, you do know that the A2024 can do a very limited range of overscan,
right? I think 8 or 16 pixels should work, wouldn't that be enough to allow
for the 80 character console? 

BTW: I *am* looking at -current sources:-) Besides a lot of nice (!) cleanup
one thing I found to be a step backwards: why did the symbolic definition
of product/manufacturer codes disappear? I don't find it particularly
elegant to find compares in several device drivers against some obscure
absolute numbers.. Just personal taste? Oh, since the kernel seems to be
able to run my sunos /bin/sh (first thing it has to when booting:-)) I'll
try to get it to be as compatible as possible to 0.9 (for example, 
reenable the previous meaning of the BSD[D-H] partitions, should be 
integratable easily with the new types, just preallocate those partition
slots, and fill remaining slots with whatever is on the disk and marked
as allocate-sequentially). However I don't think due to religious reasons
such changes would make it into main sources eh?:-)) Anyway, on to
sd minor encoding :-)

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