Subject: Re: Watch out for lseek and stat struct st_size fields!
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 07/13/1994 15:43:54
> > 	I've been bit hard in the last two days due to the 64 bit size of files
> > 	in NetBSD. Make sure you cast references to file size in lseek
> > 	to off_t and to cast references to the st_size field of the stat
> > 	structure to int. You'll also run in to problems with sys_errlist's
> *soap box on*
> _GRIN_ So, how many people had benefits so far from having a 64bit off_t OS,
> and how many suffer from the mess it caused?
> *soap box off*

lseek is prototyped in unistd.h if programs break rules.. well..

> Sorry, couldn't resist:-) BTW, what would happen if I'd compile -current with
> THAT typedef in <sys/types.h> reset to long?

Its really just not that important.  Is your personal system tracking
current?  Whats important is that NetBSD is *visibally* faster than
it used to be.  040's don't flush caches ever (excepting dma selective 
cache pushes, and shared libs), pmaps flush the ATC much more selectively 
now, users have 15/13 partitions they can use.  CD, tape and scsi direct 
support are simple and straightforward, et al.