Subject: Re: FPSP errors during compile!
To: None <,>
From: Michael L. Hitch <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 07/09/1994 10:21:45
On Jul  9, 12:15am, William J Coldwell wrote:
> as: res_func.s:1522: Error: Ignoring junk after expression
> 		1525
> 	fcmpd	#:0x41dfffffffc000000,fp0
>                  ^ - is the colon supposed to be here???

  Yes.  That syntax is used to tell gas that the constant it to be used
literally.  Otherwise, it will convert the integer value to floating,
which isn't what it wanted.  This "bug" has been in the fpsp.o file that
I orginally built way back when, and was also in the latest fpsp.o that
was provided prior to importing the FPSP sources.

  You need to update as before assembling the FPSP code.

  [I had used gas 2.0 to create the previous fpsp.o.  I started poking
around in the cosh() function when it was reported to not be working
and found that the hex constants weren't being generated as expected.
The same time that Charles fixed the NetBSD gas to use the #: to
specify a literal constant, I built gas 2.2.  Gas 2.2 assembled the
original gas FPSP sources correctl (without the #: format).

> If not, asm2gas must be puking..  this is with the latest sup on 0708.

  Asm2gas is working correctly, gas isn't


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