Subject: Re: NetBSD-current & Term
To: None <>
From: Niklas Hallqvist <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 07/09/1994 16:02:00
It's obvious that you get parity on your characters transmitted from your
NetBSD system (every digit with an odd number of ones, get a value above
128 printed after the <A> in the linecheck output).  You should see to
that you have set your line to 8-bit no-parity before you dialup your
Sun.  Also be sure to not strip the 8th bit.  How to do that?  It depends
on how you dial up your system... I always use kermit and haven't seen the
behaviour you describe, maybe you use something else to dialup with, or
have another version of kermit than I have.  I hope you don't quit your
dialer before starting term, but rather stop it.  Quitting closes the port
thus resets the line to defaults, which I think is the braindead 7bit even
parity mode which I hate more than anything.  Why would anyone want to
waste 12.5% of comm throughput just to get a per-char error detected these
days?  File transfers are normally transferred in packets with CRC checks
and usual terminal conversation are as nice with garbled chars as with a
special error symbol shown on the screen.  And then there's international
character sets which *require* eight bits, but do people care in the US?  No.
But they ought to care that they lose meta-chars in emacs, of course...
Oops, I'm going out of line here, it seems...

I hope you get some ideas from this, but if you don't get it to work, feel
free to contact me.  You shoul know, however, that I am leaving for holiday
in one or two days time.


PS.  The remote configuration haven't changed, I hope?  Maybe your hunting
     bugs at home, while the real problem is at the other end?

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