Subject: Re: Warp Engine, New SCS drive & NetBSD problems
To: None <>
From: Dave Blaszyk <dvb@ssd.Kodak.Com>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 06/30/1994 09:31:53
Well, I am still experiencing a similiar problem using "tar" and
/dev/rst0. I have a IVS Vector/68030/68882 and a Maxtor HD,
inconjunction with a EXABYTE 8200.  Files continue
to be created that are "whacking" the filesystem to death.

I have tried tar'ring a single directory from the tape streamer on a 
brand new filesystem.  During this, I get dumped into db> and get the 

	# tar -xvf /dev/rst0 NetBSD/src/include
	mode=022155 inum=35712 fs=/usr
	panic: ffs_alloc : dup alloc
	Stopped at _Debugger+: _Debugger_0x6: unlk a6
	db> trace
	_Debugger(16d04, 63606, fffffdc0, 8b80, fffffdf8) + 6
	_panic(63606, 635e6, 246d, 8b80, 5470d4) + 34
	_ffs_valloc(fffffe30) + fc
	_ufs_mkdir(ffffffe7c) + 84
	_mkdir(54fa00, ffffff84, ffffff7c) + 114
	_sysycall(88) + fc
	_trap0() + e

I didn't get a chance to, db> show registers, as the filesystem seemed to
panic and then forced a reboot.

I am continuning to see what might be causing problems, I am brushing
up on my assembly as we speak to see if I can find the problem.  I just
wanted to pass this along to everyone to make sure that the -current
kernel is fully tested and debugged.