Subject: Re: fsck v & Retina Z3
To: Donn Cave <>
From: None <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 06/30/1994 08:52:23
> So, my highly uneducated guess is that there's some DMA conflict between
> the active Z3 and the A3000 SCSI.
> Questions:
>  -  Is anyone else running with an active Retina Z3?
>  -  Any diagnostic ideas?

Dunno how representative that is for you, but I'm running with the above
combo without any problems whatsoever, BUT (of course there's gotta be
a 'but' :-)) I'm not running -current :-) Anyway, the net result of this is,
there's no hardware incompatibility between the RZ3 and the A3000 SCSI, if
there is a problem in your system, it's gotta be a -current driver problem.

Sidenote to Chris/Michael: did you notice I bumped up the size of the SYSPTMAP
for the experimental kernel? The previous size wasn't large enough to
accomodate for the additional (potentially large) address space required to
map Z3 boards. Just an idea, didn't verify with current sources.

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