Subject: Re: Warp Engine, New SCS drive & NetBSD problems
To: None <,>
From: Tom Hayko <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 06/28/1994 16:12:00
On Jun 28, Michael Hitch wrote:
> On Jun 28, 12:53pm, Tom Hayko wrote:
> > siopchkintr: target4 ds 541028
> > scripts 80bc1f8 ds 81f9028 regs 40040000 dsp 80bc380 dcm 19000000
> > siopchkintr: istat a dstat 80 dsps 81fdfd4 dsa 81f9028 sbcl a3 sts ff msg ff
> > panic: siopchkintr: **** temp ****
> > stopped at 0x841bd:	0x841bc:	unlk a6
> > 
> > I then get the kernel debugger prompt, and when I type 'c' to continue, it
> > says it's syncing my disks and then tries to dump something.  I'm running the
> > kernel that Micheal Hitch added the support for AGA non interlaced screens.
> > Anybody have any ideas?  Is this a SCSI driver problem?
>   Well, the panic is definately a driver problem.  The current driver I've
> got shouldn't panic, but reset the controller and report an error.  [I
> don't think those changes have made it into the source tree yet, and since
> I don't have any easy way to generate the conditions that cause that panic,
> I haven't really tested the changes yet.]  The current kernel I have
> available for testing does have these changes in it.

Where is this kernel available?  I'd like to give it a try.  I also suspect
that the drive itself may be bad, because I shortly after this I tried to
low level format it, and HDToolBox started reporting errors on the low
level format.  I've returned that particular drive, and I'm just now doing a 
low level format on the new one.

>   You missed one very important item when you typed in that message:  you
> didn't get the sstat0 XX value.  That one should tell me what the error
> was that caused the interrupt.

If I can get it to happen with the new drive, I'll be sure to get the sstat0

Thanks for your help and hard work.

BTW, are you aware of the fact that the current X11R5 doesn't draw correctly
with the AGA kernel (is there some better name to use?)?  It runs, but
everything is drawn incorrectly (bitmaps are messed up, etc.)

Tom Hayko