Subject: Re: Warp Engine, New SCS drive & NetBSD problems
To: Tom Hayko <>
From: None <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 06/28/1994 14:12:29
> siopchkintr: target4 ds 541028
> scripts 80bc1f8 ds 81f9028 regs 40040000 dsp 80bc380 dcm 19000000
> siopchkintr: istat a dstat 80 dsps 81fdfd4 dsa 81f9028 sbcl a3 sts ff msg ff
> panic: siopchkintr: **** temp ****
> stopped at 0x841bd:	0x841bc:	unlk a6
> I then get the kernel debugger prompt, and when I type 'c' to continue, it
	If you could first type trace to produce a kernel stack backtrace
	it would help immensely! Also, make sure to always load the
	kernel with the -S option to loadbsd so kernel symbols are loaded,
	a bunch of hex numbers do us little good, a full symbolic
	stack trace can speak volumes.