Subject: NetBSD-940620 comments
To: None <>
From: Bill Squier <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 06/28/1994 13:12:38
I appologize in advance for the vague nature of this message.  Chris
Hopps mentioned that he needed to know about any __potential__
problems ASAP, and with the release-date looming ahead, I
understand...   Anyway, with that aside:

I'm finding quite a bit of instability with the 940620 kernel (off
regensburg).  On my 8M 2000 (GVP SCSI/GVP 33MHz 030/882) I get more
"swap_pager_io: wait on swbuf..."'s than I can shake a stick at.  It's
okay, I can patch the debug flag, but it seems a bit excessive.

Also, PPP regularly causes panics during large transfers (I promise
promise promise to provide a db traceback in the next one or two
days), and when moving a large >1MB file between two drives, 'mv'
produced a corrupted free mem area (????beef != deadbeef) message.

I again appologize for this poor excuse for a bug report, but I
thought I might throw it out here so people could say "You complete
idiot, did you miss the message on current-users that said PPP is
broken and won't be fixed till the xx/yy/zz sup!?!".

Other than that, comparing the performance of this kernel vs. the last
bin snapshot stuff (april), all I can say is: "Wow!"  Good work.

ps-  On further reflection, the mv was from a level 2 ufs to a level 1
ufs, but I don't think that would really have anything to do with

I'm going to switch back to slip and try and sup a complete source
tree and build really-current :)