Subject: Re: bin-dist/snapshot problems and ideas
To: None <>
From: Ty Sarna <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 06/27/1994 02:17:58
In article <> (Chris Hopps) writes:
> >  Also it is not possible to mount any MSDOS filesystem from any device.
> MSDOS was another that got removed.  BTW were you running MSDOSFS before?
> I hadn't heard whether any m68k (big-endian) machine had it running.

It IS supposedly fixed to run on bigendian machines (I forget by who...
maybe one of the hp300 or SPARC folks?) and I think tested. I haven't
seen any reports of it being tested on the Amiga, though.

Interesting thought: If you have PC-Task or a Bridgeboard JLINK drive
file on an amiga partition, you should be able to mount that partition
with adosfs, vnconfig a vnode disk for the ms-dos file on that
partition, and then mount that vnode disk with msdosfs (read-only). :-)

> Oh yah and MSDOSFS hasn't been updated to the new vfs system yet so
> just adding the option won't work.  I bet the i386 people are more concerned
> with this than us though :)

Yes.  People keep asking about why MSDOSFS doesn't work.  It was
announced on current-users that it wouldn't work for a while.  If you
(not you Chris, but other readers) aren't reading current-users and
watching for stuff like this, don't be suprised that some people are
less than helpful when you ask "why did this stop working?". If you want
to ride the leading-edge, you have to pay attention...

> >  Mounting ADOS from any drive is _fun_ :-) Thank you very much!

Seconded... it's very useful as well.

Chris, I want to talk to you about install software & working out the
details of how the profit donations thing is going to work... please
mail me! I want to send you money :-)

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