Subject: Re: bin-dist/snapshot problems and ideas
To: Markus Illenseer <>
From: Michael L. Hitch <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 06/26/1994 10:00:22
On Jun 25,  1:16pm, Markus Illenseer wrote:
> On Jun 24, 10:41am, Chris Hopps wrote:
> > MSDOS was another that got removed.  BTW were you running MSDOSFS before?
> > I hadn't heard whether any m68k (big-endian) machine had it running.
> > Oh yah and MSDOSFS hasn't been updated to the new vfs system yet so
> > just adding the option won't work.  I bet the i386 people are more concerned
> > with this than us though :)
>  Well, no. MSDOSFS never compiled correctly in earlier kernels for me, so
> i never bothered with it. Now as i finnally can access floppies, i thought
> i give a MS-DOG disk a try, alas it didn't worked.

  It wouldn't work anyway - the floppy driver doesn't understand MS-DOG
sector format, only Amiga format.