Subject: Re: bin-dist/snapshot problems and ideas
To: None <>
From: Markus Illenseer <markus@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 06/25/1994 13:16:01
On Jun 24, 10:41am, Chris Hopps wrote:
> > A3000. The system stops at the moment where it starts to scann the
> > scsi-devices and spits out the sbic-warnings for SCSI-timeout.
> > The netbsd-generic kernel works fine for me!
> Someone will need to debug this for me as I have no way of doing it.

 Tell me what to do. I guess i should sup the latest kernel-sources...

> >  Another problem was, that le0 (A2065) is recognized, but doesn't seemed
> > to work, looks like the recent patches weren't involved. Major drawback
> > for me :-/
> Its not a part of A3000 config, did you try it with the generic and it 
> didn't work?

 The netbsd-generic kernel from last weekend didn't worked with le0. The
configured devices were ppp0,lo0,sl0 and another i cannot remember now.
The A2065 was recognized during startup though.

> >  I am not able to mount my cdrom with ISO-FS (cd9660). What is the correct
> > handling of this? Is my CD (sitting at sd1c) mapped to cd0a ? mount reports
> > a '..not supported by device' error.
> Yes you see the problem is that generic was pushing the 1M limit.  So I 
> picked random stuff to eliminate. CD9660 was one of many that got removed

 I guess i really should sup the sources :-) CD9660 is a must for me...

> MSDOS was another that got removed.  BTW were you running MSDOSFS before?
> I hadn't heard whether any m68k (big-endian) machine had it running.
> Oh yah and MSDOSFS hasn't been updated to the new vfs system yet so
> just adding the option won't work.  I bet the i386 people are more concerned
> with this than us though :)

 Well, no. MSDOSFS never compiled correctly in earlier kernels for me, so
i never bothered with it. Now as i finnally can access floppies, i thought
i give a MS-DOG disk a try, alas it didn't worked.

 The error-message is not appropriate to me. ' not supported by
device..' could be anything, but doesn't indicate that the kernel has
n support for it.

> Mail me the numbers and I will put them in the ztwo/zthree table (indicate
> of course which it is)

 CBM A2065 Ethernet card:   Prod=514/112($202/$70) (@$E90000 64K)
 CBM Arcnet card:   Prod=514/9($202/$9) (@$EA0000 64K)
 Picasso II (RAM):   Prod=2167/11($877/$B) (@$600000 2meg)
 Picasso II (IO):   Prod=2167/12($877/$C) (@$EB0000 64K)

 And as yet some useless 16Bit RAM Boards: 
 Micobotics 8UP (RAM):   Prod=1010/3
 Micobotics 8UP (RAM):   Prod=1010/4

> You need to add them to your config file e.g.

 Again a pointer to the sources, gna :-)

 Thanks for help, let's get movin :)

Markus Illenseer