Subject: Re: bin-dist/snapshot problems and ideas
To: Markus Illenseer <>
From: Chris Hopps <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 06/24/1994 10:41:19
>  Thanks to Chris recent snapshot i am finally able to run a decent
> working new kernel :-)
>  Of course not without some small problems...
>  First problem was that the netbsd-3000 kernel does not work on my
> A3000. The system stops at the moment where it starts to scann the
> scsi-devices and spits out the sbic-warnings for SCSI-timeout.
> The netbsd-generic kernel works fine for me!

Someone will need to debug this for me as I have no way of doing it.

>  Another problem was, that le0 (A2065) is recognized, but doesn't seemed
> to work, looks like the recent patches weren't involved. Major drawback
> for me :-/

Its not a part of A3000 config, did you try it with the generic and it 
didn't work?

>  The kernel seems to have a debug-routine for printing out any swap-activity,
> quite annoying... (swinfo....)

Yes I am going to see what I can do about this..

>  I am not able to mount my cdrom with ISO-FS (cd9660). What is the correct
> handling of this? Is my CD (sitting at sd1c) mapped to cd0a ? mount reports
> a '..not supported by device' error.

Yes you see the problem is that generic was pushing the 1M limit.  So I 
picked random stuff to eliminate. CD9660 was one of many that got removed

>  Also it is not possible to mount any MSDOS filesystem from any device.

MSDOS was another that got removed.  BTW were you running MSDOSFS before?
I hadn't heard whether any m68k (big-endian) machine had it running.
Oh yah and MSDOSFS hasn't been updated to the new vfs system yet so
just adding the option won't work.  I bet the i386 people are more concerned
with this than us though :)

>  Another purpose: Is it possible to assemble as many Manufacturer IDs
> as possible, so that they can be detected, printed out and beeing
> reported from the kernel during startup? They could be reported as something
> like 'Picasso II gfx board. Not yet supported', 'Microbotics RAM card'
> or 'A2065 ethernet. supported as device le0'.

Mail me the numbers and I will put them in the ztwo/zthree table (indicate
of course which it is)

>  Now for the good messages: X11 still works for me :-) All you have
> to do is to keep the old and the old libX*.so and configure
> them with ldconfig.

But we want a new version that works with :)

>  Mounting ADOS from any drive is _fun_ :-) Thank you very much!

Your welcome :)

>  What joy to have floppy support, i am really pleased to see it works
> so fine. dd shows a speed of 20k/s for a HD-drive, thats quite fast!
> How does one configure the external df2: drive ? With MAKEDEV fd2a ?

You need to add them to your config file e.g.

	fd1     at fdc0 unit 2

will make fd1 be your df2 or

	fd2     at fdc0 unit 2

will make fd2 be your df2 or

	fd*	at fdc0 unit ?

should (untested :) make fd1 be the next unit you have available followed
by fd2 being the unit after that etc.