Subject: Re: ql driver release delayed for at least a week
To: None <>
From: Zik Saleeba <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 06/24/1994 09:59:06
You said:
> 	For those who were waiting for the ql code, sorry, yet another
> 	delay. Maybe Zik will post his stuff and 6502 hackers can use
> 	that as a starting point. The new ql driver will still use the
> 	same interface to the 6502 code so if the unencumbered code is
> 	similar then the new ql driver should work with it as well.

I have some half-encumbered, half-unencumbered 65c02 code which I'm
happily assembling and using at the moment. This is all fine and dandy
but I can't release it until it's all unencumbered. Unfortunately I'm
running up against some deadlines at uni, so I won't be able to do
much work on the serial drivers for a couple of weeks.

The interface to the 65c02 is _mostly_ the same, but there are some
changes I've made to allow the boards to support RTS flow control
(in the Amix driver only CTS is supported). Another problem is that
Rob's version of my driver and my own version have diverged
significantly - I've made some changes which are necessary for certain
modems to work correctly and Rob's made some different changes which
are incompatible. I can see a messy merge coming on :-(

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