Subject: ql driver release delayed for at least a week
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 06/22/1994 11:29:47
	I'm changing the ql driver from a single controller model to a
	controller + units model similar to the way the floppy driver
	does stuff. This will hopefully solve some data structure issues,
	each port will now be delt with as a single entity rather than one
	in a list of many.

	Do to this pair-'O-digg-'em shift it will be a while before the
	code is ready to be unleashed on the masses. The 6502 code will
	still have to be written as I'm keeping that part of things but
	hopefully the implementation will be cleaner in the end by
	doing this.

	For those who were waiting for the ql code, sorry, yet another
	delay. Maybe Zik will post his stuff and 6502 hackers can use
	that as a starting point. The new ql driver will still use the
	same interface to the 6502 code so if the unencumbered code is
	similar then the new ql driver should work with it as well.