Subject: current-generic & Retina
To: None <>
From: William J Coldwell <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 06/22/1994 20:01:08
Ok, I started from scratch (other than keeping my old RDB types BSDR, etc),  
using the latest loadbsd and the -generic..  Well, it finds my Retina,  
initializes it, but keeps using the Amiga chipset side for all of the output.

Michael compiled a newer kernel for me, with the Retina stuff enabled, and  
that works fine.  So, those with Retina Z2s, wait until the next integration  
which should happen very very very shortly...WHY DID THEY HAVE A DEADLINE ON  
A FRIDAY... don't they know the real works gets done on weekends? ;-)

 William J. Coldwell - - Cryogenic Software