Subject: Recent kernels won't boot on my A2000
To: None <>
From: Niklas Hallqvist <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 06/22/1994 09:49:21
Hi, it's been a while...

[ config:
  A2000 1 MB chip RAM, GVP 030 combo with 4MB 32-bit RAM, and a GVP HC+8 with
  2MB 16-bit RAM, a GoldenGate card (NetBSD support in slow progress). ]

I'm still running a kernel based on the Apr 24th sources.  From the 25th
to May 18th I was doing military service, and ever since I came back, all
my new kernels just won't boot.  I'm just getting the initial screen clear,
then everything halts before even the new console color is set.  My time
is limited so I have only been able to make some initial tests.  For
example I know start_c() isn't ever reached.  I've kept up the loadbsd
version evolution, so that shouldn't be it.  Last night I even tried to
pull down the precompiled GENERIC kernel from sun-lamp (boy, was my prestige
hurt then :-) but that too just blanked the screen (loadbsd 2.7 from sun-lamp
was used).  As I don't have much time and the 24th is fastly coming I
decided to instead ask:

What has been changed in the early boot procedure since Apr 24th?  Both
loadbsd and locore changes are interesting.

I had hopes to have rudimentary support for the GG-II card before the 24th
but I'm now quite sure it's impossible :-(


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