Subject: Re: Cannot map - New rootfs?
To: None <>
From: Michael L. Hitch <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 06/18/1994 13:53:01
On Jun 18, 11:48am, William J Coldwell wrote:
> >Hope this will be the way it's ordinarily distributed - 880K rootfs for
> >the bootstrap floppies.  Out with the dangerous inflexible hard to update
> >old 10MB rootfs.
> Ok, has anyone tried something like DMS'ing these floppies for distribution?   
> Also, what are the implications now for those _without_ tape drives?  Using  
> BFFS?  I've been really busy with other things, but I haven't seen anyone  
> saying that they could do multivolume tar over floppies to install the tar.gz  
> binaries... Has anyone done this yet?

  A while back I did a multivolume tar to a couple of floppies just to see
if it would work (and it did).  I don't remember if I tried restoring from
them though.

  I would think the preferred method of installing would be to install
the rootfs using a distribution tgz file on an ados partition.  [I haven't
tried making a floppy rootfs with the mount_ados program yet, so I don't
know how well that will work].  The next best method might be to put
the tgz file onto the swap or other spare partition and untar it from
there.  The distribution could still be made available on floppies if
someone really wanted to install that way.  [I may try that some time,
just to see if it could be done.]


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