Subject: Re: Cannot map - New rootfs?
To: None <>
From: Alan Bair <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 06/18/1994 14:26:14
> >|	Additionally, it is now possible to boot and install via floppy, I
> >|	did it 2 weeks ago with 3 floppys and 1/4" tape.
> >Hope this will be the way it's ordinarily distributed - 880K rootfs for
> >the bootstrap floppies.  Out with the dangerous inflexible hard to update
> >old 10MB rootfs.
> Ok, has anyone tried something like DMS'ing these floppies for distribution?   
> Also, what are the implications now for those _without_ tape drives?  Using  
> BFFS?  I've been really busy with other things, but I haven't seen anyone  
> saying that they could do multivolume tar over floppies to install the tar.gz  
> binaries... Has anyone done this yet?

I also wondered about the lack of tape for most users. Trying to put the tar.gz
files on floppies, I think, is not pracitical, due to the number of floppies
required. If we could use the adosfs, then it should be fairly easy to just
untar the tar.gz files right off the AmigaDOS side. In place of that, we could
use streamtodev to place a tar.gz file on the swap partition and then untar
it off the swap partition under NetBSD. This was a technique used in the 
earlier days of NetBSD. The swap partition should be large enough to handle
any of the tar.gz files.

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