Subject: Install BSD on A4000/040
To: None <>
From: Rougier <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 06/16/1994 11:50:24

I have a very common problem: I can't instal NetBSD on my
A4000/40 Ram:8MB HD:400MB.

Execpte the Caviar 400MB this is a standard A4000 with no
additional expansion.

I read the "NetBSD-Install.720" I think I correctly understand
it and I put the rootfs on the BSDR partition using dcp.
then I type
1>loadbsd netbsd-ide-2

then NetBSD start booting, apparently find my HD (display its name)
but stop with a "panic: cannot mount root"
(if I leave my old 40MB had drive, NetBSD stop with a "ide wait time out"
but I can remove it if pb with NetBSD)

Philip Brand had tald me to put BSDR & BSDS in first position
on my HD (ie on the lower cylinder I mean). I do that (but I don't
inderstand why I must do that), but it change absolutly nothing.

It would be nice if an A4000/040 owner can explain me how it
succesfuly install NetBSD on its Amiga.



PS: answer directly to me, I am not registerd to thar ML.